When I was in my early 20’s, living on my own and teaching in the public school system I could barely afford to feed myself!! However, I found a way to set some money aside each week to buy a little mixed bouquet of flowers at the local supermarket. I would arrange them, put them on display in my apartment and take photographs of them. It made me so happy that I would forget I was hungry! To this day, I am happiest and most at peace when I have my hands in a floral arrangement.
— Alison

Founder, Alison Gagnon

As a child it was already apparent that Alison was destined to be in an artistic and creative environment. She has been drawing and writing stories since she was a small child. She graduated with a BA in Education from Providence College and took many art classes while there to hone her artistic skillset overall and to continue to develop her love of drawing charcoal portraits. Her current career as a graphic/instructional designer helps bring an added level of meticulous detail and artistic expression to her floral designing.

She and her husband, Sean, are the proud parents of 3 rescue dogs and work with many different charities and dog rescues to help develop auctions/fundraisers, design and maintain social media platforms and create fundraising items such as calendars, clothing and gifts. (Bonus points if you plan on having your canine companion in your wedding!)