As you plan your dream wedding, have you ever wished that you could see your wedding flowers before your big day? Do you wish that you could see what your bouquet would look like held up next to your wedding gown? Well…your wish is granted!

Using computer images of real flowers, Alison uses her graphic design skills to put together a virtual mock-up of ALL of your wedding flowers. So not only can you get a preview of what your bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnières (and even room styling and decoration!) will look like, you and Alison (via Skype or Facetime!) can make real-time, on the fly changes and alterations until you get to the perfect result!

Not sure what kinds of flowers you want or how much you want to spend exactly? No problem! Alison can put together some mock-ups for you using your color scheme at different price points.

Humans are visual creatures, so being able to see mock-ups of your wedding flowers is an awesome feature! Our brides and grooms have absolutely loved having this floral preview option and find that it helps relieve their anxiety and stress about their big day.

It is truly an awesome service!